6 tips to give yourself the rest you deserve

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has been the most vital tool I've utilized to relieve stress and anxiety. Nights I have been unable to sleep, I meditate in bed to release thoughts that have been non-stop. 




  is one of favorite things to do, when I actually sit down to do it. I will say that I've fallen off on this aspect, however journaling has been one of the practices that led me to a higher level of self actualization. This is my favorite journal, "Start Where You Are" by Meera Lee Patel.


I had an epiphany.

And it hadn't dawned on me until I spoke the words out loud to my sister. "I feel like I can't take a break from productivity, or I won't accomplish my dreams." After I said it, it dawned on me how ridiculous that thought was. That thought was existing in my mind ever since I decided to become an entrepreneur. I was so afraid of failing that I was holding myself to an expectation that only a robot could live up to. 

Where did I even get this idea from? Coming from corporate America, or at least the company I'd been working for the last 7 years, it was drilled in. Work, work, work. How many calls did you make? How many calls did you receive? How much work did you get through per hour? How fast were you able to perform each task? And it doesn't stop there, in the culture we live in, we constantly see messages and rhetoric that tells us in order to be successful you have to constantly be in production, and in constant motion towards your goal. How many memes have you all seen, or songs have you heard that goes something like, "Sleep when you die", "While y'all sleeping, I'm working", "If you broke you don't deserve to sleep." Im rolling my eyes just thinking how silly that is. Think about the pressure that creates. Just the mere thought that I must be productive at all times of the day is exhausting. Draining of energy. It's no wonder we are all tired before we begin many tasks. Tired from the potential energy (anxiety)  bottled up for said tasks.

One of my favorite people to follow on social media is @theshelahmarie on instgram. She actually inspired this post today. On Shelah's Instastory she discussed how busy she has been; as an entrepreneur, bonus mom, personal assistant to her musician bae, and of course taking time for herself. Her days are action packed to say the least. She created a poll asking her followers how much sleep they get in a day, the average answer ... 3-4 hours! She was very confused at this number, questioning how her followers are functioning off this amount of sleep?! I wasn't confused by that figure AT ALL. I understood because I used to be one of those people. 

3-4 hours of sleep is insane, knowing what I know now. As I reflect I realize most of the times I was sleepless was because of stress. I was unable to shutoff my problems, my to-do list, my anxiety of the day and it kept me up through the night. 

If this is you, I have a couple tips to help you let go and give yourself permission to rest. These tips are what guided through my healing.

Tip #1


Meditation has been an essential part of my healing, it still is. When I begin to feel overwhelmed with my own expectations and pressure I take time to meditate to release the pent up energy. 

Tip #2


It's vital to take time to yourself, for self care. Whatever that looks like. Take a break from productivity and give yourself a date. What are my go to's? Reading a book with a cup of tea, mirror concerts (my fav), playing in my makeup, finding a fun project on Pinterest, or going to my favorite spot in the park and journaling. Whatever it is you do, make sure it's something that you enjoy, and it is done alone and at your pace.

Tip #3


Take a step back from the pressure of productivity by merely giving yourself permission. Try this mantra  "I work hard. My work is enough. I am manifesting. I deserve to connect with (__your name___)."

Tip #4


Pick a time of the day to disconnect for the night. Disconnect from the to-do list. Disconnect from social media.  Shut off the noise and rest with a book and steaming cup of tea. 

Tip #5


Getting your thoughts on paper can be the most therapeutic practice you can do for yourself, at least it has been for me. Taking a few minutes to get the thoughts in your head out and onto paper will release the anxiety that has been residing in your brain. Take a few moments before bed and get thoughts out. Plan your next day, reflect on the day you had, write down your concerns and how you're feeling in the moment. Use this as your opportunity to leave it all there in the journal and allow yourself to rest. 

Tip #6


If you are having a hard time relaxing and relieving yourself of anxiety at night, there are a number of herbs that are beneficial for sleep. My favorite, which if you follow Sip Teahouse on instagram, you know by now, is chamomile. There are plenty of other herbs used to get a good nights rest also, just to name a few; lavender, skullcap, valerian, and passionflower. The Unwind blend is also a healthy delicious option to promote sleep.