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Dear Sippers,

This collection of teas will always be close and dear to my heart. First of all, it marks the beginning of seeing my dreams come into fruition, all that I have worked for finally on display. Each of these teas were selected based off of things that I found my body in need of while I was curating the collection. In 2016 I began having a very hard time, mentally and physically through a number of issues that were manifesting itself from my stress and a lack of connection to my spirit. A stress that I did not realize until I began to dig deeper and find out I was in desperate need of strengthening the connection to my soul. It was through these teas and consistently practicing my meditation that I was able to get my body and mind back into order. This collection has helped me in so many various ways, from cleansing my body, to helping get my hormones back to a balanced state, to providing calm when my mind was going crazy, and giving me an extra pep in my step on days I wanted to slack off. I love this collection, and probably will never stop. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do.

Sip Teahouse Owner,